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Magnet Insider

Q. What are Magnets?

Ans. Our loyalty program is called Magnet Insider, in this program we reward our loyal cash game players by giving them Magnets (similar to any membership reward points).

Q. What are the benefits of the program?

Ans. There are various benefits of the membership program:

1. Your Instant bonus gets released faster.

2. You can also convert your Magnets into chips.

Q. How does the program work?

Ans. When you open an account at Poker Magnet and add real money in it, you become part of the Magnet Insider club. The time you start your first game at the tables, you are the Bronze Level player and as you keep playing more, your levels keep increasing. The more you play, the higher your Magnets score. As Magnets levels increase, the rewards will get bigger & better.

Q. How do you earn Magnets?

Ans. Magnets earned = Amount wagered * Magnet level percentage

Example: In a game, a bronze level player sits on a table with 1,000 Real Chips and plays 3 hands. If he wagers 150 in the first hand, 180 in the second hand & 170 in the 3rd hand; his total wagering amount will be 500. His Magnets earned will be 4% of 500 which is 20.

Q. How are users rewarded?

Ans. A. The more Magnets you have, the better is your status at Poker Magnet. At various levels, players will get different benefits. Every 100 Magnets accumulated releases 10 Real Cash chips. Users’ accounts will automatically get credited with cash chips after accumulating 1000 Magnets.

Accumulated Magnets can be reimbursed against real cash and offers that are released from time to time. As players accumulate Magnets they rise in the hierarchy as follows:

0 Magnets / beginner level
2,000 Magnets
25,000 Magnets
200,000 Magnets
1,000,000 Magnets
2,500,000 Magnets

Q. What is the benefit of being at a higher level?

Ans. The player at a higher level will definitely have an upper hand on the player at a lower level. For example, a gold member will earn Magnets quicker than a silver member & therefore will be able to release his Instant Bonus much faster.

Bronze level has a percentage of 4%.

Chrome level has a percentage of 5%.

Silver level has a percentage of 6%.

Gold level has a percentage of 7%.

Diamond level has a percentage of 8%.

Platinum level has a percentage of 10%.

Q. Is there an expiration date of the Magnets earned

Ans. The Magnets expire in 6 months from the date on which the Magnets were earned. Your Magnet Insider level will depend on the Magnets earned during last 6 months.

Q. Where can I see my earned Magnets?

Ans. You can see your Magnets in the “My account” section.


1) The Magnets terms and conditions may be changed by Poker Magnet without any prior notice.

2) There is no use of creating multiple accounts, since playing from a single account will earn you more Magnets & hence more benefits.


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