Security and Integrity

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Security and Integrity

Poker Magnet is committed to a secure and smooth gaming space. Our software is state-of-the-art, ensuring complete genuine and fair results to our games.

1. Game fairness

We provide secure and transparent games ensuring fair deals during game play. This is done by the Random Number Generator.

2. Random Number Generator

Poker Magnet software uses a RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm to ensure that all the players have been dealt with a fair hand in all games. We are certified by the internationally renowned iTech Labs, an independent organization that certifies poker and other card games worldwide. The RNG algorithm we use in our software creates a sequence of randomised (unrelated) numbers which are converted to a sequence corresponding to a shuffled card deal in a 52-card deck. This makes it impossible to predict any card combination, providing complete randomness to the cards dealt in the game.

See here to read the Certification of Integrity.

3. Fraud prevention

To provide collusion-free and fraud-free gaming software, we follow these guidelines and procedures:

  • Collusion is when some players play as a team and gain an unfair advantage over other players on the table. This is illegal in poker. Any players found to be colluding will be immediately banned throughout all Poker Magnet services, websites, online and offline games, and the user account will be terminated.

  • We constantly monitor various behavioural patterns and other relevant information to detect fraudulent activity. Strict action will be taken against any player found to be engaged in such activities, starting with immediate account termination.

  • Any player found to have committed fraud by disputing valid credit card transactions or using unauthorized modes of payment will be prosecuted for recovery to the fullest extent under law. The jurisdiction for this is the courts in New Delhi, India, under our terms of service.

4. Legality

You are permitted to play Real Money or Play Money poker at only if you are aged 18 years or above and reside in India. By signing in at our website, you confirm that you are playing on Poker Magnet in the allowed jurisdictions as mentioned above. We may discontinue the services provided to you without prior notice if you violate the terms of service on our website. Access to services provided by software can be restricted by us from time to time without any prior notification, at our sole discretion.

5. Security

  • You must keep your Username and Password confidential and should not allow any third party to operate your account. You are also not allowed to use any third party account. You are responsible for all the activities done in your poker account. As a consequence, only you would be held responsible for any transaction under your account.

  • All the games on our server are played via secured networks. We use the best-in-industry encryption algorithm for encrypting the Username, password and any other sensitive information transferred to our servers.

  • We may terminate/block any poker account on our software if we have reasonable grounds to suspect any attempt to access the accounts of other players. Any poker account may be terminated/blocked if it is given to other player(s). We retain the right to inform the appropriate public authorities at our discretion.


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