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What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)?

In live poker, the deck of cards is shuffled and dealt with the players by a person (the dealer). This is to ensure that all the cards have an equal chance of being dealt and the game is fair.

In online poker, the cards are virtual, and so shuffling is done by a mathematical program known as the Random Number Generator (RNG), that does the dealer’s job of shuffling and dealing the cards.

The way this is done is that the RNG algorithm creates a sequence of randomized (unrelated) numbers which are converted to a sequence corresponding to a shuffled card deal in a 52-card deck. This makes it impossible to predict any card combination, providing complete randomness to the cards dealt in the game.

Besides shuffling a deck of cards, an RNG can also be used for rolling virtual dice, flipping a virtual coin or any similar function.

Why is a Random Number Generator needed?

A Random Number Generator maintains the random nature of the cards dealt. Thus, the primary role of the RNG is to keep the distribution of cards entirely fair as it is nearly impossible to guess.

This ensures that all the players have the same chance of winning, as in a game with real cards. So, the online poker website and the players are assured of complete fairness.

Thereafter, your chances of winning are based more on your skill than anything else (other than a dose of good, old-fashioned luck, of course).

How does Poker RNG Software work?

To get the initial point of randomly spawned numbers to start, a random number generator requires a ‘seed’. Even the seed is calculated using as many random figures as possible.

The RNG software uses a robust program designed around an encrypted function. When a virtual card-deck is shuffled and dealt, the results are driven by purely random events.

PokerMagnet’s RNG

Poker Magnet software uses the RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm well1024a to ensure that all the players have been dealt with a fair hand in all games. We are RNG Certified by the internationally renowned iTech Labs Australia, the leading independent organization that certifies poker and other card games worldwide.


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