Rake Structure

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Rake Structure:

At PokerMagnet, we understand that rake is a necessary evil from a player’s standpoint! Being poker players ourselves, we’ve spent countless hours complaining about how poker operators in India charge exorbitant amounts of rake without even providing world class software and customer support. Well, that’s set to change. Keeping in mind that we bear the TDS for our high stakes players, we’ve come up with a fair, equitable rake structure. If there are fewer players on the table, the rake reduces drastically to make up for the higher number of hands you’ll end up playing. Along with that, every rupee you pay in rake also makes you eligible for MegaPoints – our free VIP programme that enables you to get rake back, free registration for certain tournaments or buy awesome stuff from the PokerMagnet Store! We want what’s best for you, and if that means charging less rake than other Indian platforms, the PokerMagnet team is happy to do it with a smile!

Poker Table Rake:

The rake is defined below for each game which we spread. We do not charge rake if the hand ends on the first betting round, i.e. before the flop.
Number of players’ in the tables below refers to the players who were dealt into that particular hand, not the number seated at the table. As shown below, we charge lower rake if less players are dealt in.

True Percentage Rake:

Ring game rake is calculated as a true percentage using the ’round half to even’ method of rounding.

Tournament Fees:

At Pokermagnet, we typically charge 10% of your buy-in into a tournament as an entry fee. However, for certain tournaments, the entry fee might be reduced, increased or waived altogether. The registration fee is clearly written when you buy into a tournament, and is subject to change.


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