Play Money Poker Games

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Play Money Poker Games

What is Play Money Poker?

Online play money poker games do not require you to risk your real money. A play money poker game is an excellent way to learn poker, and practice new games and strategies. You can ‘test the water’ before jumping in.

Since no real money is involved, you do not have to worry about catching a bad run of cards or, even worse, losing your entire bankroll within a short span of time.

What are the benefits of online play money poker games?

Play money games are a good start for beginner poker players. For advanced players, play money platform is an excellent platform for implementing and analysing different strategies as there is no fear of losing the bankroll. You can win big by playing on multiple tables.

How are play money games different from real money?

Other than not involving real money, the actual game play is the same for real money games and play money games. However, without the worry of losing your bankroll making you over-cautious, you get the opportunity to focus more on the fun element rather than worrying about your chip-stacks.

It gives you an opportunity to focus on strategies like- if you should hold or fold, what other players have and so on. You can be as bold as you like, since it is pure fun.

Of course, there is nothing like the rush of joy in winning real money when you play poker well, so once you have honed your skills, most players ‘graduate’ to real money. Good websites like PokerMagnet have a wide variety of tables and stakes so that you can move to the big league in as small or big steps as you find comfortable.

How can play money poker help in earning money by playing real money online poker?

  • Play money poker will help you become more aggressive, which will prove beneficial in real money games.
  • It will help teach you to let go of weak draws.
  • You will subconsciously learn the odds of hitting a flush draw, straight draw, a gutshot, making two-pair hands, and so on, which is a tremendously useful skill.

So, remember, learning how to win play money games can actually help you become competitive at the real money tables as well.


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