Become an Affiliate Partner

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Become an Affiliate Partner

What is an affiliate in online poker?

An affiliate partner is someone who refers players to the website on commission. There is nothing better than word-of-mouth in informing new players about which websites are more friendly and have smoother gameplay—obviously,! PokerMagnet rewards such as referrals from its affiliates.

How to become an affiliate partner with

Simply sign up for our affiliate program here. We will reach out to you and evaluate your interest and potential. If selected, you will receive a unique affiliate ID which gives you access to tools and data to help you to promote the best online poker website in India to your poker-playing friends and earn goodwill from them while also being paid.

Why do we run an Affiliate Partner program?

  • It helps us attract new players. Promoting poker playing is one of our strategic goals, and every new player helps us in popularising the game.
  • The rewards are performance-based, and we would like those who are as passionate about poker as us to have some incentive to promote the game and bring in more players.

How Does Online Poker Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are various approaches used by poker websites to pay the affiliate partner for the marketing work that he does. For now, we are using a revenue share model. So, if you love poker, too, grab this opportunity, become an affiliate partner and earn big!


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