Fit Or Fold – ROE The Poker Game That Is A Refresher For The Mind

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Fit Or Fold – ROE The Poker Game That Is A Refresher For The Mind

Launched a couple of months ago, Poker Magnet, India’s most trusted poker website was delighted, ROE or Round Of Each as you may say grabbed with the user attraction.

For those who don’t know, Round Of Each is a format in which various poker games are played in rotation i.e. in every hand you’re dealt a new variation is made. Currently, Poker Magnet offers one round of Texas Hold’em, 4- card Omaha, and, 5-card Omaha on their platform.

It is a high action game and a refresher for the mind. For those who are looking to take a break from the typical form of playing poker or even want to start learning various forms of poker, ROE is an ideal match. Poker Magnet with its added features like quirky avatars, one-of-a-kind emoticons, thrilling themes has games running around the clock for poker mongers.

Trust us when we say this, Round Of Each is the next step of the evolution of the poker game. It makes you get your brain cells sparking since with every variation your game changes.  You also get rid of the monotony of playing a single game for long periods of time.

Thus, in order to ace this game, you need to have a fit or fold approach when you start playing. As your journey goes by you will learn how to balance your game at its best and helps you learn stack control.

It will also help you to swiftly change your approach towards your opponents with the change in every variation.

We would love for you to give this game a try and see for yourself why this game is so alluring for the mind.

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