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Read about the security offered which ensures a fair playing experience.
Is online poker legal? ensures a safe, secure, and legal gaming environment for its players. For more detailed information, read more on

Can I trust poker sites with my money?

Poker Magnet is the most trusted online poker platform in India. We provide a safe and secure platform that is RnG certified from iTech labs.

Can I share my account details with other people?

No, sharing your account details with anyone or logging onto someone else’s account is strictly against our terms of service.

How many accounts can I have?

A player can only create one account. For further information refer to our Terms of Service agreement.

I feel certain players are colluding or chip dumping. What action can I take?

If you have suspicions regarding collusion or chip dumping by other players, please email us immediately on Please specify the subject as ’Collusion report’ give us all the relevant details. We’d need to know the names of the alleged cheaters, the time of play and on which table(s) they colluded. Needless to say, if evidence of collusion or unfair play is found, Poker Magnet will freeze the offenders’ accounts and then take legal action against them for violating the end user agreement.

How do you ensure that the cards are dealt randomly?

We at Poker Magnet give the highest priority to maintaining the integrity of the cash games and tournaments that we host. We have certificates from authorized agencies stating that our software is 100% Safe and Secure. Please visit our ‘Security and Integrity page’ for further clarification.

Are Poker Magnet employees allowed to play on the site?

No, any employee or third party contractor associated with Poker Magnet is not allowed to play on Poker Magnet. This rule has been put in place to prevent any possible abuse of users’ data. Even the immediate relatives of our employees or contractors are not allowed to play on Poker Magnet.

I think a player has multiple accounts. How do I report this?

If you feel a player has multiple accounts then email us at Please specify the subject as ‘multiple accounts’ and we will look into the matter immediately.

How are the cards shuffled?

Our shuffling algorithm is certified by iTech Labs which is the renowned authority for the same. Our poker software provides 100% randomization of the cards distributed ensuring complete unpredictability of the cards to come. For elaborate enquiry regarding shuffling of cards refer our ‘Security and Integrity page’.

If you are still not satisfied, write to us at and we will revert as soon as possible.


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