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Having trouble with the dealer or the player chat facility of Poker Magnet?
What are poker bonuses and what type of bonuses does Poker Magnet provide?

Poker bonuses are bonus amount (Real Chip Bonus) offered by Poker Magnet to users to play. One cannot withdraw these bonuses but use them to play online on Poker Magnet. Poker Magnet offers various types of bonuses and contests to win bonuses. Read more on


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What are your Chat rules?

Our software automatically prevents certain words from being typed in the chatbox. Any player reported making repeated unsavory remarks will be warned and his account may be frozen.

We do not allow abusive, vulgar, profane or racist comments in the chat option and anyone found guilty may be subject to preventive action including freezing their account.

It is prohibited for any user to use the chat feature for publicizing any company other than Poker Magnet.

What to do if someone is abusing me in the chat box?

We regularly monitor the chatter on each table to find any violation(s) of our Chat Rules.

To report a chat violation issue, please email us the hand number or table name with the time and the user name of the player who violated the policy at Please specify the subject as ‘chat violation’.

I lost my chat accessibility. I do not think I have done anything wrong! What should I do now to retain it?

Firstly, please review our Card room rules and ensure that you have not done anything that violates those rules.

If your question is still not answered, please contact with a detailed explanation so our team can look into the matter.

I am unable to see the dealer/player chat. What went wrong?

Any player can purposely and/or accidently set On/Off the Dealer or Player chat anytime in the game under game option. If you are unable to see dealer or player chat, then it may be because accidently some chat settings have been modified:

a) To unblock dealer chat, click on Settings-Dealer chat-ON.
b) To unblock player chat, click on Settings-Player chat-ON.


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