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In this section, we answer all queries about managing your account with Poker Magnet.
How many times I can withdraw money in a day?

You can place a request for withdrawal for a maximum number of 3 times in a day.

How do I change my bank account details on

If you want to change your bank account details while depositing, then you can simply click on the add card button and add an additional card for payments.

If you are looking to change bank account details while withdrawal then you will have to share your new details with us over email. Don’t forget to mention the same in the subject and send the email to

Can I create more than one account on Poker Magnet?

No, we have a strict ‘one user – one account’ policy. A player’s Poker Magnet user-name cannot be changed once an account is created, so pick it wisely!

Why do I have to validate my email ID?

A distinct and working email ID is essential for us at Poker Magnet as it is unique to each player and it helps us in managing user’s records.

Validation of each email ID is thus, mandatory and written communication regarding your account will be sent to that ID only. This step also helps us in preventing the creation of ghost accounts.

To validate your ID and activate your Poker Magnet account, all you have to do is click on the activation link sent to your inbox.

Why am I not receiving emails from Poker Magnet?

This is because your email service provider has been mislabeling our mails as spam and not delivering them into your inbox. Please check your spam mark mails from us as ‘safe’. Also add our mail address to your contact list to ensure that you don’t miss any important mails regarding your account transactions, upcoming tournaments etc.

Can I change my avatar?

Yes, you can change your avatar anytime, as many times as you want. For changing the image you need to click on the ‘change avatar’ option in your account settings. The image selected by you will be updated immediately if it’s an avatar provided by us.

Can I open a new account if my password is not working?

No, we have a strict ‘one user – one account’ policy. If your password is not working or you have forgotten your password, just click on the ‘forgot password’ link.

I registered for a tournament but now I am unable to find it.

Please view the ‘registered tournaments’ section in the user account.

What if I’ve forgotten my Poker Magnet user name?

If you’ve forgotten your user name, you can use your registered email address and Poker Magnet password to log in. Once you’ve logged in, you can view your User ID under account details in the ‘Profile’ section.

How can I close my Poker Magnet account?

You can de-activate your Poker Magnet account by sending an email to, from your registered email ID. Please specify the subject as ‘account de-activation’ and give us your reasons.

It should be noted that once you de-activate your account, you will not be allowed to create another one unless exclusively allowed to do so.


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