Disconnection Policy

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Ring Game

In case a player gets disconnected from the internet, the game detects that and provides 60 seconds in case of a standard game (30 seconds turn time), 40 seconds in case of a turbo (20 seconds turn time) and 20 seconds in case of a hyper-turbo (10 seconds turn time).

If the player does not return after the extra provided time, the action is taken as check if allowed, else cards are folded and he/she will be moved into Sit Out mode.

For any games that start after player is disconnected, the seat is reserved for the player for the next two games only and if the player does not rejoin by then, the seat is emptied for another player. The player is not made part of games that start after disconnection to ensure that there is no risk to his/her chips after he/she has been disconnected.


In all tournaments, the players will be given unlimited time to re-join in case of disconnection. However, small, big blinds and antes will be posted as applicable in each round till the chip stack becomes zero.

The above rule implies that in each round, you are dealt with the cards and they are folded when your turn comes.


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