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Women of Poker

Whatever you give a woman, she will make it greater- “Eric S Grey’ knew the secret to life. Women are not just equal to men but far more superior. From being a homemaker to successful entrepreneurs to poker players, they are our heroes without a cape at multitasking. They turn our house into homes, make flowers bloom in the harshest of summers. They are dedicated and inspiring to everyone. Take a look at the women in the online poker circuit, making their way to the top not just at home games/offline but online as well.

1. Anjali Kothari

Anjali kothari

My poker journey began when I discovered I was pregnant six months into marriage and the no smoking in public rule had not yet set foot in India. Going out was impossible and just then The Texas winds flew in as my best pal decided we need to reinvent our gaming nights away from taboo monopoly and graduate to the world of poker if we had to spend endless days and nights indoors!

Poker as all true fans of the game would confess, is not a simple game of cards. Skill, probability calculation, bluffing and intimidation all made up a perfectly heady cocktail for me and I was in love. In the many years since and many variations and scoreboard fluctuations later, Poker remains an integral social activity for my husband and me and the best friend who introduced us to it.   The multiple things a  working mom/homemaker  Has to juggle is no secret. My well-balanced clockwork schedule of kids /work /homework/work at home and Poker games Which marked to 2-3 nights of my calendar week was thrown into a complete state of chaos thanks to the COVID pandemic lockdown.

And that is when Poker Magnet appeared a like a charming superhero to save the day for all game lovers like me who were sulking in the doldrums Of losing out on our weekly live games. I am a little embarrassed to admit in today’s time that I do not enjoy excessive screen time mostly because I am not extremely tech savvy but after much deliberation, I decided to dwell into the world of online poker.

The journey has been an exceptional eye-opener and kudos to magnet for making it surprisingly easy and the transition seamless. be it gaming options of Texas Hold’em to PLO or ease of transaction or simplified control systems or a most uncomplicated graphic interface Magnet has it all.

2. Sonia Singal

Sonia singhal

As a working woman having online poker in my life has been a blessing. More than the thrill of the game it’s a stress buster for me! I have played on many online sites but poker magnet is my favourite, it being very friendly to use and adapt to.

The screen is amazing and the details on personalised emojis add so much fun to the whole game where one can express emotions virtually! I have started enjoying online more than live games as it’s available all day and I can access it when I get time during the day as a working woman and a mother of two children!

My game has actually improved so much more online as it’s taught me how to stack control, not commit your stack on a made hand and also not commit when you are drawing huge … it’s definitely requires more patience and alertness. Playing poker is a part of my life now as it’s constantly exercising my brain while I am being entertained … this is what I need now that with each passing day I am only getting older and at no stage I would want my brain to stop thinking and working ?

Thanks to Poker Magnet for bringing this so easily in my life. The site is very user friendly and also the management at Poker Magnet is supremely friendly and approachable all the time, very professional always ready with answers to any kind of queries. Overall it’s been a great experience being associated with Poker Magnet and I wish them luck and success all the way ??

3. Dipti Chhatwani

Deepti chatwani

“You will show your poker greatness by the hands you fold, not the hands you play”, – Dan Reed


Hi friends my poker journey began around 6 yrs ago when I visited Vegas. Not knowing too much of the game it was a rough start. The connection with the game was from day one but being a mother of 2 kids and a homemaker it was difficult to go for live games. The few times that I would play in a month always resulted in losses.

Luckily for me I was introduced to poker magnet and that was the turning point in my poker career. I was able to watch and learn the game better and the team was very supportive in case I had any queries regarding anything.

The quote I stated above is one of the most important things poker magnet taught me.

I’m proud to say that not only has my game improved drastically after playing online it has also made me more confident a player in live games.

Thank you poker magnet it’s been wonderful playing on your site.

4. Aparna Chandra

Aparna Chandra

I have a very busy work life 4 days a week, I love what I do!

Having said that I equally love poker.

Sometimes it’s gets tough to balance home, work and poker but one keeps trying.

Playing poker online is fairly new for me and poker magnet is my favourite poker site as the interface is beautiful aesthetically attractive and easy to use.

It’s also got some lovely fun features!

Also the poker magnet team is really helpful to get you started and to provide support!


5. Leena Musafir

Leena musafir

Balancing work between running a full-fledged business and being a mom is tough work adding to this having poker as a hobby can be hectic but Poker Magnet comes to rescue like a knight in shining armor. I started playing poker with a group of my friends on weekends and game nights, that’s when I picked up a knack for this game, and once our lives sort of stopped with the lockdown, Poker Magnet came to our rescue.

We all started playing online on Poker Magnet when COVID wasn’t a big deal and people still roamed around in shopping malls. I, as a concerned citizen and mom, stopped going out the moment rumors of COVID hit India. Ever since I have been hooked and glued to my phone screen or iPad screen playing poker online on Poker Magnet. I started with micro stakes and gradually upped my way to high stakes. Trust me when I say this, you can rely on Poker Magnet for the smoothest transition and transactions. Their team is so supportive that I had no trouble understanding the features and also withdrawing.

Thank you Poker Magnet, I would suggest everyone to give their online poker journey a shot via Poker Magnet and gladly enjoy the game for what it’s worth.

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