Online Poker Strategy: What to Do When You are Card Dead

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Online Poker Strategy: What to Do When You are Card Dead

“In the long run there’s no luck in poker, but the short run is longer than most people know.”- Rick Bennet

When you sit down for playing poker you want to make something happen, but when you have not dealt any decent holdings then it feels like your hands are certainly tied behind your back!

No Doubt, being card dead is something that every player goes through, it’s something when you feel like you know the game plan of the opponents and you can take advantage of the moment but the scenario doesn’t allow you to do it! Here, what affects is your attitude towards the game as the people around you take advantage of your weakness and starts playing against you, eventually, it becomes harder with time to get into the game again. Learn about some of the strategies to deal with card dead while playing online poker.

  • A run of cold cards could end at any time – Be Patient!

“I don’t mind the hands I have to fold, it’s the set-up hands I worry about” – Anonymous

Patience has always been a key in poker, it is considered as the skill that every poker player should have. One of the standard card dead strategy is to continue folding preflop until you find a good opportunity to make your move.  Always remember a run of Cold Cards could end at any time. Stay relaxed! Take a break, there is nothing wrong with taking a mental break between monitoring your opponents or Listen to music that can keep your spirits up and your energy high. Being a card-dead is a temporary situation, and you can master it! You should not be affected if you have not dealt for some time, just be patient, and have an understanding of the game you are playing.

  • CHANGE THIS PERSPECTIVE – People are just interested in the “hands” they are playing in, but not in the “game” they are playing!

If you are card dead, don’t feel like you cannot do anything now or think that you should always have cards to play in. Change this perspective and play your game strategically to have good control over it. You can use this time to closely watch your opponents, their moves, and their strategies. Take it as an information, figure out what people have, and start guessing if you were in a hand what would you do? Finally look for that opportunity, once you find a decent hand to play, take control over the game and change the situation.

  • Be Unpredictable

If you are card dead you are unpredictable to others as you will be folding continuously for a long time. This will make your opponents think that you are either a very strong player and are waiting for the best cards to play in, here you can use this chance to re-raise on a raised pot and go after your opponents. Or, they might think that you must be card dead. This becomes more difficult while playing online as you are not even able to judge the face. Realize that playing against weak players will be less powerful, instead look for a strong player who is playing very loose and raising every other hand, one who is an aggressive player and has no knowledge of positions. This situation can be a great moment for you as he will never be expecting this from you. So, you can use your image against your opponents by playing patiently, but make it clear to select your opponent carefully.

  • Never Overestimate your image

While playing online there is always a sense of anonymity that nobody is there to look at you and there is no sign of embarrassment, which sometimes can make you take a wrong decision. You might think that even if you are card dead, you’ve convinced the table how tight you are and you start to overestimate their image. But poker is a mind game, most of the players are very well aware that you haven’t been playing hands. Even if you are not doing anything, opponents will keep eye on you and track your every move. Never think that if you fold hands for a while you can take advantage of your opponents, chances can be that your opponents have barely adjusted!

A strong strategy for this can be before they make a move against you, finds out opponents who are keeping track of your moves. This can help you play safe in the game even if you are card dead.

When you are card dead, “discipline” can make you come out of this situation. Just know that card dead is something which you have to face, so stick to a plan, be patient, and formulate your poker strategy to get anticipated results. It’s all psychological and you have to control it by playing the game not by waiting for the cards!



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