What strategy to adopt when having a bad run in Poker

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What strategy to adopt when having a bad run in Poker

If you have ever tried playing poker, there must have been times when you have had a bad run. There might even have been situations where the bad run continued for a long time. Having bad runs at poker can be pretty irritating. If all of these are true, this article is perfect for you. Having a bad run in poker can be disheartening but it’s all a part of the game and there are  some Poker Strategy you can implement which would help you improve your game. Moreover, players have bad runs in poker all the time so you mustn’t think you are a bad player. You must strive not to get sad about the bad runs and instead work on your game. There are many ways that you can run bad in poker, that is, running bad has many forms. Keep reading to find out more about bad runs in poker and how to get out of fixes in the game.

An overview of Poker

As mentioned earlier, running bad in poker has many forms. One scenario is that you keep getting funded with a pair of cards against a flush draw and lose. The next scenario would be constantly running your KK into AA. Another scenario would be when you experience a secret type of running bad when a set is flopped against QQ, but the turn card is a King and the QQ doesn’t give you any good results. Again, you must remind yourself that running bad is part of the game.

Besides, poker is not a very certain game. Even if you play poker online or offline consistently, it does not guarantee that you will get the desired outcome every single time. Plus you cannot expect immediate results as well. It is a fact that almost all hands are likely to win, even if you don’t think so at first sight. You might be dealt AA preflop against 72 offsuit, though you still have about 12% chances of losing. You would have 14 % chances of losing even if you were set against a gunshot on the flop. In a game of poker, only two things are in your control- what you do and how you react. You can only hope to get lines with many spots so that you could get your money  with an advantage. And hope for your worst reactions to be neutral when your opponent gains an advantage with their nuggets of equity.

Strategies to implement when you are having a bad run in Poker

Previously, you read how the game of power can be uncertain. But what you need now are the ways to deal with a bad run in the game. Here are some strategies you can implement when your game does not look so good.

  1. There are many players who recommend resting when you are running bad. This is actually a good suggestion especially when the bad run has affected your poker game. The time when you should consider taking a break is when the tilt begins to take hold. Now you might be wondering how long this break should be for? The duration of the break is subjective to each person and their game. If the tilt has taken over too much, you might want to take a longer break. The main aim for you here is to get back into the game with a fresh mind.
  2. Keep your mind calm and keep playing hard: This tip is pretty self-explanatory. First, you must accept that a bad run is part of the game, yet you must keep playing and not give up. This advice may or may not work for everybody; that depends on your personality type.
  3. Another trick is to play tighter. This trick is suggested by some players that when your game starts running bad you could tighten up and revert back to complete ABC poker. However this trick might not be for everybody. For example, you could be running bad since you put money at risk but came up behind. Now, playing tighter could mean that you could lose the chance to get your stake in with an advantage and that is the crux of the game. Instead you could try playing tighter when you start a new match.
  4. Another thing to keep in mind are the rules which directly  impact your poker game. Many Beginners have the tendency to directly approach the game without knowing the exact game pattern, poker card sequence, and other important rules that can directly affect the game if not followed. If you are a beginner or a  professional as well then do revise the game pattern or the rules along with the strategy before starting the game so as to have an extra edge against your opponent.


A poker game differs from person to person. Hence, the strategies that you could employ when having a bad run at poker would also differ. For some people, either one of the above tricks could work or you might prefer to employ all the three tips in your poker game. An important trick that you could benefit from is to play tighter when you start a fresh game so that you understand your opponents’ strategy better. This game is all about strategy and experience and following the above tips and tricks will help you get out of sticky points.

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