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What Lessons can you learn from the WSOP 2022 Finalist?

A cheat sheet to strengthen your online poker game!

Have you stood in front of the mirror and orated your online poker-winning speeches with a shampoo bottle? Well, Espen Uhlen Jorstad lived that dream. He is a Norwegian professional poker player who resides in London, United Kingdom. He won two WSOP bracelets in 2022, including the $10,000,000 Main Event, making him the first Norwegian to win poker’s most prestigious prize. 

It was not mere luck that brought him that fortune, but the persistent hard work he put into his games. Ever wonder how Espen Uhlen Jorstad did it? Here’s a quick cheat sheet for your poker strategies

  1. Concentrate first – poker is a strategic game that relies heavily on concentration and discipline, it requires patience, mental stamina, and willpower.
  2. Read a hand – The best way to read a hand is to look at the cards in front of you and assign a value. If you have two pairs, you should look for three pairs. Three of a kind indicates four of a kind. A straight means five of a kind. Your goal is to determine if there may be a flush draw or not. While doing so, also ensure you have a strong poker hand
  3. Play hands out of turn – You want to play as many hands as possible before someone else does. Most people will play their strongest hand first, so make sure you get involved early. Avoid playing with any folded hands, they do nothing for you.
  4. Take breaks – When you feel yourself getting tired or frustrated, take a break. You need to keep your game going even when your body tells you otherwise.
  5. Analyze mistakes – If you’re in a pickle while having fun, don’t dwell on it. Just analyze your mistakes and learn from them. Mistakes are inevitable, just accept them and move on.
  6. Set goals – If you set goals for yourself, you’ll stay motivated throughout the day. Remember to check in with these goals frequently. Sometimes we may forget our goals, but keeping track of them will help you remember what you intended to achieve. 

So what are you waiting for? Quickly use these tips and tricks to up your game! See you at the next WSOP!

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