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Play poker online by learning new techniques of Multi-tabling and ensure a strong poker hand!

Before we delve into the intricacies of multi-tabling, here’s a quick understanding of tabling to play poker online! For all the winners reading this, let’s be patient with our newbies. 

A poker game usually starts with a dealer spreading five cards on the table, leaving you with the decision to keep some cards and drop others or stop with the same hand. This process is called “tabling” because a player is taking the card she/he wants to keep and putting it on a table (well, figuratively, at least). 

The go-to popular poker strategy for beginners is multi-tabling because it allows engagement in several games at once without the ceaseless effort of one game and it also helps to boost confidence whilst improving the player, with each game. 

This section discusses the different types of multi-tabling. 

  1. ‘Tripol’, when you have 3 or 4 tables open and are playing at all of them, rapidly switching between the tables. This is the fastest way to make money in online poker because you are playing so many hands at once and there are many opportunities to go all in with a good hand. 
  2. ‘Turbo’ demands fast play but without switching back and forth as much. It also requires a lot more focus but offers more breathing room than Tripol, which can be exhausting if not done correctly. 
  3. When ‘Tiling’ the table windows should be arranged so that they are next to one another when you tile them. This makes sure that each table is visible in its entirety with little to no overlapping. 
  4. ‘Stacking is simply placing the windows one directly on top of the other. The technique allows you to play additional tables and raise the table size without the need to move your cursor across the screen to make a bet.

While these techniques can be intimidating, they allow you to improve your game. They push you to get better at your game, that’s something to work towards. If that’s not convincing enough, sip a mountain dew and chant  “daar ke aage jeet hai”, maybe Hrithik Roshan might do the deed!

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