The unwritten rules of Poker Etiquettes of offline and online

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The unwritten rules of Poker Etiquettes of offline and online

Poker is a social game that involves an unwritten set of rules that every poker player must follow to promote good sportsmanship, the speed of the gameplay, and a healthy atmosphere for the game. Surprisingly, you will find that there as many rules for poker etiquette as in the game itself. Here are some offline/ live poker etiquettes and online poker etiquettes to swear by:


  1. Act Swiftly and pay attention
  2. Speak up your actions or announce the actions for others to know
  3. Show Respect to the dealer and players at the table
  4. Don’t Get into unnecessary arguments with fellow players.
  5. Don’t “Angle Shoot”- don’t try to peep into others cards peeping or eyeing others cards
  6. Don’t “Hit and Run”- always follow the protocol of call-time
  7. Be a Gracious Winner Be a Gracious Loser
  8. Maintain personal hygiene for the consideration of others


  1. Don’t slow-roll your opponent.
  2. Don’t trash talk on the chat.
  3. Don’t hit and run.
  4. Don’t talk about a hand you’re not a part of on the chat.
  5. Don’t give out indications of the hand you have folded while the hand is still going on.
  6. Don’t ask to see other players cards/ mucked hands.
  7. Don’t offer unwanted advice to a player who’s lost a big hand.
  8. Do not send emoticons to other players who are still in action to reveal your cards or reveal their tells and distract them from their gameplay


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