Strategies for the Aces to Ace in Poker

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Strategies for the Aces to Ace in Poker

Playing Poker requires a subtle combination of the left and right hemisphere of the brain. It is one of the few games which works up the thinking process for good!
Now everyone wants to win when they are playing cards, but do you know about the strategies that can improve your winning odds with a margin?! Here are the top strategies for you to ace in poker:

Be less generous with the hands you play! Be hostile with the deck!

Don’t think of yourself as 007, raging through all your cards. You need to hold on to your cards, or else you will bleed all your stacks. Develop a pre-flop poker strategy and make sure to stick to it. Don’t get impatient with your cards at hand, when you don’t want to play the wrong unintended card.
Holding back to your deck doesn’t mean that you go easy on your opponents, you still need to be strategic and play your cards tightly. Playing 7♠ 6♠ or 5♥ 5♣ primarily will mask your strength.
Play’em tight to confuse your challenger!

Be gutsy, don’t be the first one to limp out!

If you raise, the chances of winning the pot disappear. If you make the players very evident of the ‘pot’, there are possibilities that you will face multiple players, and as the players increase, the chance to win the pot decreases.
Wait for the other player to limp, you will get great pot odds to join the action.

Bluffing is a virtue!

At least in Poker, Bluffing is a virtue. But if you have no idea as to when to bluff, and how much to bluff, get ready to go home with empty pockets. Let your draws bluff for you, to have a backup plan to tackle the situation when the bluff is caught. Have some outs to improve to the best hand on a later street, such as straight draws, flush draws, or even just an overcard or two to the board.

Play fast-hand to hype up the pot and make more money!

It is heartbreaking to check the flushed up deck and contemplate the possibilities of winning. Holding the cards for too long decreases the chances of winning the pot, have faith in your cards and play like you have a strong chance at winning the pot. Be sure and just fast enough to put pressure on your opponent.

When in doubt, fold your cards out!

There is a fine line between a professional poker player and a noob, that is the pro player knows when to fold. It doesn’t sound like it cannot be done, but it is very difficult to implement. No one likes to fold when they think they have a good hand, but if you are unsure about your draws, be humble and fold your cards. When you fold your cards, make sure to make a note on your cards, this will help you to make sure if you did justice with the fold. If somehow you figure out that it was a wrong move, well, there is no bar in learning from your mistakes; is there?

We can’t promise you a 100% working strategy on how to ace your pace in Poker since it is a mind sport. However, these are some of the most important tips you can incorporate in your daily game, and have better odds at winning!

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