Six Plus Hold’em Tips for Beginners

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Six Plus Hold’em Tips for Beginners

In Six Plus Hold’em, the deck size is reduced to 36 from the usual 52 by eliminating the deuces through fives. Due to the reduced deck size, the hand ranking also changes in the Six Plus Hold’em Poker, i.e., a flush beats a full house and a set is always ranked higher than a straight. While the aces can be played as both high and low, they can be used as a five to form a low-end Straight A6789 and also above a king forming a straight of AKQJ10. The number of playable hands also increases in Six Plus Hold’em. The luck factor in this game is very high because of the close equities making it more interesting and fun, attracting a lot of players.

1. Know the difference

If you’re a Texas Hold’em player and want to try the short deck poker game, you must keep the hand rankings in mind. Unlike traditional Texas Hold’em Poker, it is more difficult to hit a flush than a house in Six Plus Hold’em because of the reduced deck. In short deck poker, the straights are easy to beat by the three-of-a-kind. As discussed earlier, aces can be used as a five to form a low-end Straight A6789. The common mistake that the first time players make in short deck poker is folding the straight, failing to realise that they have already hit a straight.

2. Straights are easy to hit

The main reason why straights are ranked lower than the three-of-a-kind in short deck poker is the reduced deck size. As there are fewer cards in the deck, it is very easy to make straights. In short deck poker, there is a 48% probability of hitting an open straight by the River. But remember, straights need to be played very carefully in Six Plus Hold’em. If you’re playing short deck on a website, where sets beat straights, and if your opponent has a set or trips, then you are drawing dead. However, if there are more players in hand, it is not a bad move to fold straights as there is a decent probability that at least one of your opponents may have hit a set.

3. Flushes are hard to hit

Flushes rank higher than full houses in Six Plus Hold’em as they are hard to hit. In Texas Hold’em Poker, you still have 9 outs to hit a flush, however, in Six Plus Hold’em Poker you will have only 5 outs. In Short Deck Hold’em, the value of suited cards is a lot higher. A suited Ace is playable from any position, and once you hit a flush, you are most likely to get paid.

4. Pocket pairs should be played aggressively

Pocket pairs should be played aggressively and should call 3-bets with any pocket pair whenever possible, as the set is stronger than a straight in Six Plus Hold’em. There is an 18% chance of hitting a set once a flop is dealt. Upon hitting a set, it is advisable to maximize your profits by overbetting as your opponents won’t have any clue that you’ve hit a set. But it is important to look for paired for boards and suited boards. Try to avoid set over a set as there are high chances of your opponent hitting a set as well.

5. Avoid overplaying top pair and top kicker

In Six Plus Hold’em, the top pair and top kicker have a much lower value. Despite being ahead on the flop, the chances for your opponent to improve his/ her hand by the River are very high. Therefore, stronger post-flop hands are advisable. The practice of going all-in with a pocket pair on the flop should be strictly avoided. Betting for value with most one pair hands at the river is not advisable as single pair hands rarely win a plot in Six Plus Hold’em.

Six Plus Hold’em adds several twists to the traditional Texas Hold’em, that many players are finding enjoyable to play. The changes made in the Short Deck Hold’em are not too complicated, which makes it easy for the new players to learn and play the game in quick time.


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