Poker Magnet Launches Mobile Vertical Interface to Play Poker

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Poker Magnet Launches Mobile Vertical Interface to Play Poker

For most of us, in the last few months of quarantine and social distancing, life has been quite monotonous and boring. We all stayed at home binge-watching random series to stay entertained.

Poker enthusiasts also missed their fun of going to a live game in this pandemic situation. But online poker has allowed everyone to continue their passion and be competitive with full entertainment.

You may be surprised to know that poker is a game that tests your strategy, memory, activeness, and decision-making skills. Online poker provides you with an opportunity to practice your game and get better at it.

Poker Magnet is a platform that provides players with an amazing experience at their comfort. It’s a new generation gaming platform that has a desire to change the current online poker industry in India through their more advanced techniques.

Considering the rising popularity of poker in India it provides real-life playing experience online.

Poker magnet has launched Mobile Vertical Interface to play poker. It has been designed keeping in mind the user’s comfort.

So, what are the advantages of a Mobile Vertical Interface?

It is the most innovative and convenient approach which enables the user to play and navigate just in a few clicks. It eliminates the use of both hands while playing. So now you can play with just one hand. The new vertical interface is very easy to understand and helps the player to conveniently switch apps as most of the gaming apps in a phone are in vertical mode.

It also introduces unique features like – HUD and Animated Emoji. The new Animated Emojis helps a player to convey his emotions in a cool and attractive way. It makes the game more fun and interactive. HUD stands for Head’s Up Display. It has been considered as one of the most important components of poker tracking software. A poker HUD is a feature in the app that collects and displays statistics about an opponent player. The HUD overlays a poker table with information about the opponent’s past game records.

It provides you with a simpler and more intuitive user interface. It enables the player to learn the system quickly and use it efficiently. So now a player just has to focus on the game instead of learning the system. There is no doubt that Poker Magnet is one of the most trusted online poker platforms both for a newbie and experienced poker players.

The new feature has the option to check a player’s and his opponent’s score and also provides an opportunity to look at the information about the history of the hand including starting stacks, pre-flop, post-flop, turns, and river bets. It also provides an opportunity to have a look at the cards held by the winner and the loser in case of a showdown.

A hand history is one of the most vital things that helps a poker player develop more. It never lets a person forget his mistakes that he committed in his previous game. He can replay the hand to discover his mistakes. Thus, allows improving. A person can also gather information about a winner even if it’s not a showdown.

Apart from this poker magnet has made playing hands more fun and interesting with a variety of new themes. These themes are introduced to enhance the user interface and comfort for the players. It will provide a real-life experience to the user.

As a poker enthusiast, you must try the most reliable & trusted poker platform in India and prove your skills at great ease.

Beginners will learn fast all the strategies in a very fun and intuitive way while playing with other experienced poker players. It will help them to jump-start their journey to become a professional in poker.

“Fold and live to Fold again”

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