Poker Magnet Hosts its First-Ever Live Cash Festival in Kathmandu Nepal

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Poker Magnet Hosts its First-Ever Live Cash Festival in Kathmandu Nepal

Nepal, the land of diversity, and a paradise for every card player, it is like mini Vegas, once you step into any casino in Nepal you are transported to a whole new world.

To show this glamorous side of Nepal to the Indian Poker Industry, Poker Magnet was escalated to announce their first-ever Live Cash Festival in Casino Mahjong, Soaltee Crowne Plaza in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Once the word was out, the response we received was overwhelming. We wanted the event to be an exclusive event so that players not just from India but China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka could be a part of it. The best part about organizing such events in Nepal is that the casinos are based on land unlike Goa, which is a popular destination for Indians to attend such events.


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Since we wanted everyone to relax, play poker and even party a little bit with their poker buddies everything from food and drinks to their stay and flights was on the house.

Our team made sure that everyone traveling from India would meet at the same time at the airport to ensure their comfortable journey. To be honest it was really satisfying to see everyone’s happy face.

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After reaching Kathmandu and checking in into our rooms, the game started with full-power around 5:30 pm. With 4 tables running in full- swing it was hard for us to move the players from their tables, to take them out for a party to Lord of the Drinks, a popular night club in Kathmandu.

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We wanted everyone to enjoy and make most of their trip and make it a memorable one for them.

If you missed out on this event then don’t worry, with our next event we intend to make it bigger and better so that you can blindly place your bets on us.

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