Play on Poker Magnet and win Real Money – No wallet or Deposit Required

Most Secure Online Poker Website in India

Play on Poker Magnet and win Real Money – No wallet or Deposit Required

“Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”- Anonymous

The first question that arises is, “what is Poker Magnet?”

Poker Magnet is an online platform that allows people to enjoy poker card games at the comfort of their own house. It started with the thought of changing the poker culture of India. Like any other website, we intend to become one of the leading platforms in India for poker and work for the satisfaction of the poker players. It is a certified platform and provides an amazing and flawless gaming experience. It provides a user-friendly platform, where you can focus more on the game instead of learning to use the application.

Poker Magnet is known to be one of the most secure online poker platform that works to avoid fraud and other illegal activities. In case, if any suspicious activity is spotted or reported in our platform then it may lead to blocking the user or banning the user from the website.

Our platform has currently launched a new vertical interface for mobile users. It supports one-hand play which is suitable and is aimed to improve the user experience. It also consists of animated emojis to make the game more entertaining and fun.

Poker Magnet provides an opportunity to play for free. The steps involved are:

  1. Download and install the mobile application
  2. Register using the ‘Welcome’ bonus code
  3. On each successful registration, you will get 500 INR bonus chips.

A person can initialize his poker journey through this starting amount and can also withdraw the money if he or she wins the very first game but only when the KYC is done. For eg- If a person invests the signup money for a game and ends up winning suppose a thousand bucks, then he can withdraw his money directly into his bank account.

It sometimes happens that being a beginner at poker, you don’t want to lose all your money. The sign-up bonus is helpful for the players to learn and try the game as a beginner. Now you get the opportunity to explore a real-time experience of the poker gameplay without investing in it. It is beneficial for those who intend to learn the game but is unable due to the risk of losing money.

Poker Magnet also provides an opportunity for easy withdrawal. Payments over here are secured and highly protected. It also includes high standards of encryption which enables you to keep a track of the money earned. Poker magnet is known for its efficiency.

In live poker, cards are shuffled by a player to ensure equal chances of being dealt with. This will ensure a fair game. Our platform uses the Random Number Generator, which works to generate a random card to ensure fair gameplay. Our platform also ensures no involvement of poker bots in a game.

So, whenever you want to play poker always choose a platform like Poker Magnet that will ensure the safety and security of the players. It is also helpful in making real money and is also user-friendly at the same time. We believe that once you try Poker Magnet then you will love the smart, intuitive, and feature-packed experience and never again visit other old poker websites.



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