Life lessons to learn from a poker player

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Life lessons to learn from a poker player

Most people believe that Playing poker is a time killing activity of the partying and late night owls. It is even associated with lucky winnings and other social negatives. I think it has a lot to do with awareness, people need to understand that being a professional poker player requires a lot of hard work and commitment just like any other profession, you need to be at your physical and mental best to beat your competitors and win. The game itself is a great teacher that coaches a lot of valuable life lessons. Apart from enjoying the freedom of being your boss, a professional poker player would spend his days studying the game and nights applying his learnings.

Here are a few valuable life lessons that you can learn from a poker player:

  1. Patience makes you tougher and wiser – There are several skills a poker player should hone and patience is the most important one. Whether it’s an online cash game or tournament, patient poker players always know the best spots to make the most out of their opponent’s weaknesses. Many beginners play far too many hands because they lose their patience from being card dead and start losing or tilting at the poker table. Once mastered, the art of patience can also be a virtue in your day to day life helping you make better life decisions and having a positive attitude towards things.
  2. Practice makes a man perfect – Bruce lee said I don’t fear a man who has practiced 1000 kicks but i fear the man who has practiced one kick 1000 times. That is applicable in poker too. One of the best life lessons you can learn from a poker player is the constant ability to learn. What most people do is that they stop learning and improving their skills after a particular time. Good poker players understand the need to develop new ways to improve their game and stay ahead of most poker players. You will find them reading books, watching tutorials by poker pro’s, and discussing their hands with other players for insights.
  3. Dealing with negativity – Poker is a game of odds and they can change at any given point. When you play poker you go through constant good and bad run’s. Just like life, poker also involves negativity that every poker player deals with. Keeping a positive attitude towards bad beats and being card dead helps weather out the negativity from the game. The game teaches that all this is just a part of the game and one should be mentally strong to overcome such phases.
  4. Taking risks – Good poker players never rely on just the hands that they are dealt with. They are known for taking risks by bluffing or changing their gameplay time after time. In their poker journey, they are presented with various opportunities that require tradeoffs and only the strong poker players are willing to leap. This teaches them a lot about taking risks and management.
  5. Bankroll Management – When someone starts playing poker, the biggest lesson they learn is to manage their bankroll. It teaches one to be balanced and take calculated steps in the game and in life. How fast you win in poker, it involves a risk of losing. Poker teaches players to manage their finances to play and for personal use.

In conclusion, if you play poker or even know a little about the game, you will understand how similar situations of life and this game are. You measure your odds, you evaluate situations, if you hit a bad patch you know it won’t last and you stay motivated to do better. Critical thinking, quick decision making and most importantly success under pressure are the few direct applications of poker to real life situations. A poker player improves, strives for better results and removes margins of error from his life.



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