How To Win On Online Poker

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How To Win On Online Poker

Want to start your poker journey and don’t know where to begin from? Don’t worry you have landed on the right page.

In poker, as much as it is important to understand the basics of the hand rules, it is equally important to understand positions and bet sizing strategies to become a winner in today’s online poker games. Learning an efficient online cash game strategy might take some time but it’s totally worth it.

Here’s how you can start your online poker experience with these simple tips to improve your understanding of the game and to help to win those extra bucks.

1. Get started for free
Poker requires skills that you can master over a period of time with a little experience. Kickstart by signing up on and avail your sign up bonus to start playing for free. This acts as a training ground to gain experience without putting in your money. Poker Magnet offers tables starting from stakes as low as 5/10 with a minimum buy-in of Rs.250.

2. The most profitable way to start playing online poker is to be a tight-aggressive player. Tight-aggressive players are those who play selective hands pre-flop and after hitting your cards on the flop they play aggressively to take out maximum pay-out from their opponent. The best part about being an aggressive player helps turn close spots into favorable ones.

3. Don’t be afraid to bluff
Bluffing tends to be a lot more challenging than some people give it credit for. Knowing how to do it, when to do it, who do it against, and why you’re doing it are all things you have to figure out to get your game in perfect harmony. The earlier you start, the sooner you can get a grip on the gameplay.

4. Learn when to quit
Learning when and how to quit your poker session is an essential part of any successful online cash game strategy. The two biggest indications that you should quit is your emotions and level of distraction. If you find yourself angry, sad, or even tilting, take a break, it is the best decision you can take. This will help you play at your best more often and naturally increase your win rate over the long run.

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