How to Develop a Read on Online Poker Players

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How to Develop a Read on Online Poker Players

Having a read on poker players is based on their ‘tells’ that players inadvertently reveal to their opponents. These tells can give you a lot of information about your opponent’s gameplay. It is easier to spot these tells in live poker, whether it is through a player’s facial expressions, movements or nervous ticks, etc.

However, these tells are not visible in online poker and many people completely disregard the consent of having a read on your opponent. In online poker, your attention to the game can help you spot many useful “tells” about your competition to have a bigger edge over them.

By taking simple notes about your opponent’s gameplay you can develop a read on online poker players.

Here’s how you can ace at developing a read on online poker players:

  1. The first thing you need to do is assess what hands they play from each position. This is a starting point when developing a read over online players by analyzing their play and reading their hand post-flop.
  2. Note down your opponent’s HUD (Heads-up-Display) stats and as you play more hands with them understand their gameplay like fold to 3 bet- 76% and adjust your game accordingly.
  3. Timings play a big role when it comes to developing read on online players. The amount a player takes to act on particular spots or hands can help you in understanding their gameplay.
  4. How many tables is your opponent playing at one particular moment also helps in their risk-taking and decision making. If they are playing a lot of tables (more than 3) then typically playing with a tight-aggressive strategy.
  5. Note down their pot exploitative tendencies of their gameplay such as limp calling A9 with UTG position, Opens pot all the time when on button position, etc.

Hope this article gives you a better insight into developing reads on online poker players. Don’t forget to read our previous blog on the comparison between live poker games and online poker games to understand the difference between developing reads on the same.


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