How to choose a perfect online platform for poker?

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How to choose a perfect online platform for poker?

“The cardinal sin in poker…… is becoming emotionally involved.”- Katy Lederer

Poker has always been the interest of many people. To serve this interest online poker came into the picture. Online poker has become a source of entertainment for many as it provides a thrill to the players in the comfort of their own home.

To serve its online customers’ many online poker sites come with several unique ideas that assured entertainment to its online audience. Some of the features are a vertical interface that supported gameplay even using one hand, interactive animated emojis, etc. Every website claims to be the best, but it’s not true every time. Some websites lack security as they allow poker bots, multi-accounting, unnecessary pop-up advertisements, etc. which sends the user to multiple websites.

To avoid such situations a person must know at least one reliable online platform. When it comes to choosing an apt platform, you must first consider your priorities. It may happen that something important for you may not be as important to someone else. For example- While going for a picnic, you enjoy spicy food but your friend may prefer sweets over spicy.

So, the factors that must be considered are as follows

1. Legalization

The most important aspect while choosing a platform to play poker online must be its legal status. Online poker companies should be registered in one of the states, other than Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujrat, Nagaland, Assam, Odisha, and Telangana.

Additionally, every authorized online poker platform uses RNG to generate random numbers that are used to generate random cards. It’s important to always check the legitimacy of the platform you choose. I-tech labs and GLI are the most well-known gaming labs that provide RNG certification. Check the game description of each website where you find all information regarding its legal status. Never choose a website that lacks any legal information. Poker Magnet, a well-known platform for online poker is RNG certified by I-tech labs. Several platforms use an action generator instead of RNG. The use of an action generator is illegal, and it is prohibited among several popular poker websites. So, a person needs to check the RNG authorization before choosing it to play poker online.

2. Poker bots

Poker bots which are also known as Poker robots are software that plays on platforms like in-house players. Though online games take required measures to avoid poker bots but still it happens that sometimes your game gets interrupted by it. The measures that are taken to avoid poker bots differ from website to website. It is wise not to choose a website that has a reputation for allowing poker bots.

On many websites, poker bot is common. It uses artificial intelligence to play a game. They play on the behalf of humans and all the outcomes remain fixed in such a case. But in Poker Magnet, bots are completely restricted.

3. Skills of the opponent

When it comes to online poker, one must know which platform attracts newbies and which attracts professionals. A website like Poker Magnet provides an opportunity for both the professionals as well as the newbies to display their skills and improve themselves. It is recommendable to have an opponent with more or less equal skills. So, one must judge a website by its gullibility and choose accordingly.

Find a platform that provides you with HUD features which stands for Heads-Up Display. Many people consider that HUD is a complex and futuristic piece of tech but in reality, it’s just a simple way to analyze your opponent’s past performance in a poker game.

HUD is a software that provides you an option to keep a track of your opponent’s past performance, raising, folding, and betting information with a detailed and accurate form. It gives you an insight and helps to provide you with a crystal-clear view about your opponent’s skill.

Our platform, Poker Magnet provides you the opportunity to use the latest HUD options which are currently available in the market at no extra cost.

4. Bonuses and promotions

Who does not enjoy gifts? Bonuses enhance a player’s interest and motivate them to play better. Many poker websites provide bonuses, offers, and gift cards to promote themselves. It is always wise to take advantage of such offers. Some websites offer bonuses like an online freeroll, free tournament tickets, deposit poker bonuses, etc. Frequent visits to these websites will help you to grab these freebies.

5. Collusion

Many online platforms allow collusion. Collusion between the players or the use of multiple accounts can spoil your game. This kind of cheating is not acceptable in a fair game. Some online platforms like Poker Magnet provide you a much-secured environment. Due to the presence of IP security, it prohibits such activities involving collusion.

The above-mentioned points will help you to choose a desirable website.

Choose wisely!!

Go all-in for what you want


you will win!!



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