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How to calculate your outs/chances based on your hand strength in Online Poker

Online poker would certainly have its shortcuts, but the online poker hand strength calculator is an attempt at a joke!

You don’t want to play every hand the dealer deals you, and even the best players will fold a lot of their hands, so how do you choose which poker strategies to play? 

There are several things to consider while determining your poker hand rankings, such as the pot odds, your odds of winning on a draw, your opponent’s odds to win on a draw, the number of opponents, the spread of hands that could be in play, and future implied odds, to mention a few. 

However, a quick and good rule of thumb for quickly calculating the possibilities of your hand developing to a winner (or loser) by drawing is to double the number of cards that improve your hand (or your opponents) by two and then multiply that by the number of cards left to draw.

At the end of the round, each player is assigned a percentage chance of winning based on their stack size. To do this, multiply the remaining stack size by 1/10th of the final pot size. Remember, if the final pot is less than your stack size, then you win immediately. If the pot exceeds your stack size, then your opponent wins immediately since they cannot call you down.

As you know two cards and 50 unknown cards, the math works in Hold Em. Any unknown card has a 2% chance of being drawn from the deck at any time. 

Assume you hold pocket kings, spades, and diamonds; the flop is A, 9, and 3, all diamonds. Your opponent appears to have flopped an ace and a king. You have 11 chances (9 more diamonds and 2 more kings). You have a 44 percent chance of beating a pair or two pairs (11 outs x 2 per cent per card x 2 cards to be drawn). The true chances are slightly higher, but this rapid math is simple enough for even amateurs to accomplish in their heads at the table under pressure.

The pressure certainly is not easy, but that’s the beauty of the game. It keeps you at the edge of your seat – and you can’t deny that you love it

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