Have a Blast this Diwali with Poker Magnet

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Have a Blast this Diwali with Poker Magnet

Diwali is here. Are you still confused? Are you still unable to decide what to do? This year due to the pandemic, it is hard for you to celebrate Diwali with your family. But don’t worry we have an amazing plan for you.

What about a Diwali poker game night? Isn’t it interesting? This year Poker Magnet is conducting several online games that will make your Diwali memorable. You can even get a chance to get bonuses and win big. For all the poker enthusiast, it will be a great opportunity to enhance your skills and also have fun at the same time.

Poker magnet has also introduced several new features that will keep you hooked to the game. This includes new interactive emojis, a user-friendly environment, vertical gameplay, etc. On such an auspicious day, nothing would be better for a poker enthusiast than playing a hand.

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So here are some points which you can follow to make your Diwali special

Diwali is all about spreading happiness. So, in this pandemic may this Diwali brings joy and happiness to everyone around you. Ask all the people around you, whom you care about to join the Poker Magnet party. Let everyone enjoy together because Diwali is all about togetherness.

Card games have always been the center of attraction in Diwali. It has been a custom now, where all the people of the family sit together gossiping and laughing along with enjoying card games. We all love to sit together at a table and have a blast flash with our friends and cousins. This year, things are not the same but for us, your happiness plays a major role and so is your safety.

Even if you are not a player, don’t worry!! Poker Magnet provides you an opportunity to play for free. It will help you to learn the game and get better at it. Beginners must grab this amazing opportunity as soon as possible.

As in this Diwali, Poker Magnet now offers 500 INR sign up bonus, which will help you to play and learn poker. But the good news is that if you win money, then you have the option to withdraw that amount directly to your bank account.

We invite you to the online Diwali party with poker magnet. So, get ready for the most amazing Diwali party ever and don’t regret missing it. Sign up today to learn, earn, and grab the bonus rewards while having fun in this festive season.

Have a crackling Diwali!

May this Diwali bring a lot of happiness and blessings in your life!!



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