Every poker player’s worst nightmare – Being card dead

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Every poker player’s worst nightmare – Being card dead

If you play enough poker, you would know that no poker player can escape the rage they go through when they’re card dead. “Card Dead” means that you have not been dealt with any higher-value hole cards while playing for an extended period of time.

One can say that being Card Dead is a part of the variance in poker and the only way to deal with it is to up your mental game. After all, you’re bound to lose if one starts tilting and playing bad hands just for the sake of being a part of the action.

Here are some tips that can help you out while you’re facing a card dead phase.

  1. Folding hands back to back can be frustrating especially when all you want to do is play. The best tip in this situation would be to start off by not complaining about your luck and keeping a positive mindset.

  2. Relax and have fun- Whether you are a professional poker player or a passion monger, the key to break the vicious cycle of being card dead is to love the game. Sit back and relax, have a good time while you’re at it. Keep an approach that is simple and full of gratitude and you won’t feel card dead at all.

  3. Keep your mental game strong- The best way to look at the game when you’re card dead is to find weak spots of the players and bluff them to steal small pots or blinds to remain in the game. Observation of everyone’s game present at the table is essential, it will not only help you understand your opponent’s game but also keep your mental game strong.

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