Comparison between Live Poker Games and Online Poker Games

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Comparison between Live Poker Games and Online Poker Games

There are several notable differences between live and online poker even though the fundamentals of the game are the same. The overall experience that you get is not the same when live and online poker games are compared to each other.  In this article, we will be discussing the comparison between live poker games and online poker games and which one has the most advantages to offer.

1. Behaviour Read

Poker as a game has always been about having a read on your opponent’s game. In live games, one can spot tells from your opponent’s body language and gameplay. Whereas on online poker, players can develop read on their opponents from their online turn time, action time, and not just limited to body language.

2. Convenience

While playing online poker, you do not physically have to travel to a location that saves you a lot of time. Additionally, players play a larger number of hands online as compared to live poker. Players have an array of choices to jump from one game to another with minimal loss of time which makes online poker a more convenient than live poker.

3. Technology

While playing poker online, players can make use of several tools and software that aid in calculations of odds and probabilities that may not be at their disposal during a live game. Namely the HUD (Heads-up Display) is a major difference that provides you with your statistics and your opponents’ statistics as well during real-time. Whereas, in live poker games you cannot make much use of these technological advancements.

4. Fairplay

Security in terms of live poker and online poker is the utmost priority of every service provider. In live poker, places like casinos are guarded with cameras and security to keep a watch on every move you make. In terms of online poker, the security is as good as the platform you are playing at and the system they operate. The user-interface and game engine needs to be authentic and licensed. A website like Poker Magnet that is RnG certified from iTech labs, ensures that the gameplay is random and hence fair. Here cheating is not a possibility and if anyone is caught doing foul play then strict actions are taken against them.

5. Variety

Even if you have a casino near your place, or if you find playing in casinos more convenient, you’ll always struggle to find a variety of games as compared to online portals like Poker Magnet. This applies to all game types (Texas hold ’em, PLO, 6+ short deck, ROE, etc.), stakes, and limits.

On online poker, you can find games with stakes as low as Rs.1/ Rs.2 to as high as Rs.500/1000.

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