The Best Online Poker strategy for Beginners

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The Best Online Poker strategy for Beginners

One needs to act upon and plan their strategies in online poker; a single wrong move can put your game at stake! A right and honest start are crucially important for beginners as developing bad habits can harm your play and most importantly your results in a long run. You need to distinguish what you ought to be learning at the beginning of your journey.

Arm yourself with a few strategies that can help you grow in the online poker world. Here’s how beginners can play with a good start and improve their understanding of the game.

Increase your poker knowledge and Practice

“Poker is 100% skill and 50% luck.” – Phil Hellmuth

Something that a poker beginner should overlook is the idea to increase knowledge, as this is the best way to quickly improve your results. Look for the poker books written by professionals as learning from somebody who had already been successful in poker is the best way to gain experience.

Also, start with practice games available online, work on your skills, know your strengths and weaknesses get yourself familiar with the environment, and gain confidence.

“The willingness to learn is always a choice” Internet can be a great help, so take advantage of the free session available and look for poker training programs as well. Gain a good knowledge before putting your hands on online poker and also believe in practice, it can help you react under pressure.

Always play with a calm and positive mindset

Poker is completely a mind game. People usually lose their emotional control under pressure and struggle throughout the game. Always stay focused and attentive; never be restless while taking decisions. If you do not feel like playing, avoid it. The Best way to save your game, as poker needs a calm mindset.

Create a healthy atmosphere around and make your room comfortable, free from distractions. This will allow you to concentrate on the task at hand. Some Interior plants, good music, and little snacks can help a lot and will keep your mind fresh.

An Important factor: Sense of Anonymity

People usually go through this while playing online. There is always a sense of anonymity as nobody is there to look at you and no sign of embarrassment which makes you take a risky decision. Have control over your mind and play your best move.

Go for the fold instead of competing with bad hands

“You will show your poker greatness by the hands you fold, not the hands you play.” – Dan Reed

It’s best to fold and fold immediately if you don’t have strong hands. Take this poker tip into serious consideration; there is no need to stay in the game just to prove yourself. You should accept reality and have control over your emotions. Bad beats happen to every player so always look at it constructively.

Acceptance plays a very major role, so evaluate your own and your opponents starting hands to know your winning potential. If your odds of winning are less, there is no need to play every betting round, save yourself by folding, even some of your strong hands. In beginning, you will have a problem letting go of these hands but this is the thing which you have to learn.

Important: Not all opponents are passive ones someone who is raising constantly you should not be folding these hands. You need to understand that there are different types of players and you need to play accordingly with a smart move.

Always start with Low Stakes

Beginners should always start with the lowest limits as this is the key to success. People make mistakes by playing way too high. Always go for the stakes that you are comfortable with. For example, the lowest limit (NL2), $2 max buy-in, and the blinds are 1 cent and 2 cents.

Usually, players don’t find interest in playing with low stakes and they run after results but you need to understand that your goal is to learn strategy not to waste money, so focus on the process, know your game and be positive. As a beginner knowing that you are not risking a lot of money you will feel more comfortable playing and learn poker strategy as it enables you to see the whole picture, understand positions, and what poker hands you should play so always try to save yourself from high penalty.

Your moves have to be quick

Online poker is time-bound and is fastly played than offline ones. You have to quick and sensible with your decisions. Taking too long can give an impression to your opponents that you might be having an average/bad hand or getting nervous. It is quite challenging in the beginning as beginners have less experience, but practicing will improve your skills. Invest your time in free practice games and go more for low buy-in cash tables.

In Conclusion

It may be a little difficult and challenging to understand and learn strategies in the beginning, but once you have, it’s fun. Just believe in yourself and be positive. Never allow your opponent to know your weakness. It is probably not the best idea to start with a high stakes in beginning. Just practice, gain experience and knowledge, then make a smart move.


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