Bankroll Management Techniques

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Bankroll Management Techniques

One of the most important lessons to learn when you start playing poker is bankroll management. If you are planning to play poker to earn money and not as a recreational game/hobby then you need to know the basics of bankroll management. To become a good poker player it is important to not only be skilled but also have the disciple and money management abilities.

What is a bankroll?

In layman’s terms, your poker bankroll is the amount of money you keep aside to play poker. This does not include money that you use for paying your expenses but the money that you will devote solely to playing poker, live, or online.

The first step towards building a bankroll is to decide how much money are you prepared to risk. We all know that it is not necessary that you will always win in poker, there are fluctuations and thus one needs to be prepared with a budget that they deem fit. It could be any amount to structure and budget your losses. It could be 1000 INR for some and could be 100000 for others.

Many potential players never move up in stakes as they never build a bankroll and lack disciple to follow it.

How much should one exactly save for their bankroll?

The general saying of managing and building a bankroll is to spend only 2% to 5% of your bankroll on a buy-in in a day’s session.

The size of the bankroll also depends on the types of games you play, your ability to win and save. Tournaments have a higher variance than cash games, therefore, there are higher fluctuations in your bankroll. If you mostly play cash games and win more than 60% of the time then you would need a bigger bankroll than someone who wins 80% of the time.

To build a bankroll quickly you need to increase your skill level. You need to have a solid grasp of the basics such as:

  1. What hands to play from what positions.
  2. When to 3-bet and when to flat call.
  3. Bet sizing pre-flop and post-flop.
  4. When to bet for value or when to bluff post-flop.

In conclusion

It is easy to keep a healthy bankroll for playing poker and move up the stakes as long as you have the discipline and determination. Always keep in mind that along with managing your bankroll your top priority should be to learn and increase your growth curve of the game. Be sure with your bankroll management and adjust accordingly as you need.

Don’t be afraid to move down the stakes as downswings are a normal part of the game.

Keep these tips in mind as you build your bankroll, and have fun while playing your A-game.


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