5 ways to hack your opponent’s strategy in Poker

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5 ways to hack your opponent’s strategy in Poker

A key component of poker strategy is hacking the strategy of the opponent. This is something that you will have to master when you play poker online, particularly for real cash games when you have something on the line. Poker is not for the faint-hearted since you have to be mentally strong and sharp for combat opponents. 

Poker strategy for beginners has a lot to do with mental strength and how you use it to outwit your opponents. Variance is always a natural consequence of playing poker since you will not have everything in your control all at once. For instance, you may have the best chips in place and even the best hand. However, your win will still not be guaranteed. Yet, you can always read up on poker charts, strategies and other tips for helping you play better and improve strongly over the course of time. 

Here are some ways to hack your opponent’s strategy when you are playing at the best online poker sites India: 

  1. Play the Strongest Hands at the Beginning- Whenever you start playing some poker games with your pals, do not shy away from playing swiftly. Being slow is no guarantee of playing in a smarter manner. People may throw in the strongest hands within 2-3 fast flushes and slow the game in the aftermath for rattling their opponents. Be ruthless and take decisions smartly while playing poker. Speed psychologically tempts opponents to play faster, often leading to errors on their part. Avoid random betting however. 
  2. Fold whenever you are Unsure- What differentiates a pro and beginner is the ability to come up with a poker blueprint as backup if they are on a losing trail. Nothing to be embarrassed about playing with caution. Choosing not to fold is that many surrender their chances to win the pot and they will end up losing when the opponent actually had even worse hands. Do not call too frequently. Fold if the situation seems vague to bet, call or raise. 
  3. Playing with suitable Emotions- When you cannot control your own emotions and feelings, you will slowly get down into a losing streak. Upcoming and aspiring poker players should watch videos of professional poker players and carefully note how they are behaving and reacting in diverse situations. Do they show anger while losing a round? Do they remain cool and calm while not revealing emotions to the opponents? Good and professional players know that they should always offer mixed emotional signals to their opponents. Keep on a poker face literally!  Playing it overtly cool may give the opponent the wrong impression that you are doing pretty well, even when the actual scenario is the opposite of the same! A great tip is that you should try and mess with opponents with regard to giving them emotional signals. When they feel uneasy and vague, they will end up making erroneous decisions and you will only benefit. This rule is a practice and not just for poker. Being overtly proud and aggressive means that you will slowly let your guard down and start breaking rules or end up taking wrong decisions. When you start winning suddenly, take a little break to calm yourself down. 
  4. Own up to poor decision-making- Mistakes can happen while playing poker and may be costly ones at that. However, instead of resisting the same, it is always better to own up to your errors and move on fast without looking back at what could have happened. Self-awareness is really crucial while you are playing any poker game. Self-awareness is a major aspect that has been emphasized upon greatly by professionals and pundits alike. Playing a victim, blaming your opponents and other strategies will never work when it comes to gambling. Rather than wallowing around in self-pity, try and own up to your own bad decisions, take responsibility for the same and try to avoid making the same mistake once again in the future. Professional poker players have never come out justifying losses or poor decisions. They take it with a pinch of salt and try and find better strategies to reverse their declines and recover swiftly in the coming round. Bad rounds are a part and parcel of poker although you should be calm enough for tackling the same.
  5. Analyze optical movements of Opponents- Scientific research has clearly shown that eye movement will speed up for people whenever they are scared, lying or simply uncomfortable. The face may offer varied clues and indications including those like neutral, trustworthy or even unreliable. An attractive and happy face indicates a poker player who is still in full control and has ample hopes regarding the playing cards in his/her kitty. The first couple of seconds will help you get clues and unearth what lies behind a person’s calm and composed face. Someone’s eyes may have a glimmer of anxiety or fear for a couple of seconds and then they may shift to a fake smile of confidence. This will give away the actual fact to the opponent (you) that the person is not in full control and not hopeful about the hand that he/she has obtained. 

These are helpful ways that you can hack strategies of opponents while playing poker. There are many other strategies that you can always check out online. And make sure that you stay calm and composed at all times without giving away your emotions and thoughts.

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