Poker is war masked as a sport

Poker Magnet offers the best poker playing experience in India and is founded by the pros of the game who are on a mission to popularize the sport of Poker in the country.

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Our Journey

  • 2012

    A garment exporter,
    Rahul learns Poker on
    business trips to US and Canada

  • 2013

    From a curious onlooker, he turns into a Poker fanatic and gets very good at the game. He is intrigued by the interplay of skill and psychology offered by this game

  • 2014

    He goes onto win the World Professional Poker Tour in Sri Lanka

  • 2015

    He meets with Govind during Poker home games and discovers that they share a common passion to popularize this sport in India. Soon an idea germinates into a plan and the duo comes together to create a world class poker gaming platform in India and a venture to televise it in India.

About the founders


Rahul Bhatia
Managing Director
What Poker means to me?

All I feel about the game is summarized in one quote “Poker is to cards what Jazz is to music”

My Story

I think everyone in life is seeking a fix. For some it is money, for some it is fame or for some it is even the comfort of routine drudgery.
For me, It was always about adventure. I feel more connected to life when I am being challenged. On my business trips to America, what started out as a cursory glance into the game of poker , soon turned into a passionate “fix” . Apparently , I turned out to very good in the game and went on to win the World Professional Tour in Sri Lanka or maybe I just got lucky ?

After a heart to heart conversation with Dad, I decided to change this “fix” of mine into a small mission of mine and decided to launch Poker Magnet. I feel disappointed when the game is equated to gambling and i want to change that. For me, Poker feels a lot like lifting weights with your mind.When i see someone make serious money in this game, I feel I own a small part in that joy.


Govind Agarwal
What Poker means to me?

The smarter you play, the luckier you get. True for life and Poker.

My Story

I am an executive director at Digitek Group,a conglomerate in Nepal with diversified business interests including remittance, communication, transportation and investment. Digitek has a strong network of branches and a dominant presence in the market of telecom from past 14 years as KGR Enterprises in India and authorized Ncell distributor in Nepal.

I learnt to play poker on my business trips to India and have been playing over the years in Nepal. I have played a few poker tournaments and cash events all over the world and won a few too. I am keen to share this knowledge and experience of the game with avid poker enthusiast all over the world through this new venture.


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